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Brandon S

As far a flooring of any kind, Bijan's is the only place to go. My wife and I have a High End Lingerie Business in Calgary of which has expanded to 3 locations and will be open with our fourth Feb 2013. Over the last 5 years and 5 locations including our house Bijan has won all of our business. The pricing has not been matched nor come close with respect to other flooring companies in town, and most importantly the delivery and installation has been without incident every time!!! Our business has had the pleasure of being recognized for top retail experience and best in class since we have opened the doors, so customer service is paramount with our business and an expectation when doing business with our suppliers. Over the years, I have found Bijan working everyday at his store including the weekends. This is not a absent business owner and have found him genuinely concerned and available for the full satisfaction of all of our projects. Example, we are in construction for our new location in South Center right now, there was a last minute request by the landlord in terms of type of flooring 3 days ago. This was quite stressful for us as it challenged our schedule. I called Bijan for a meeting.. of which happened 15 minutes later as I was on my way to the show room. He found a solution and today, the new type of floor was delivered and installed completed an hour ago, getting us back on track! As far as customer service goes...First Class.

Marlayne G

I met Bijan 10 years and 2 house renovations ago and have purchased all of my hardwood, tile and basement carpeting from him. The selection is extensive and everything is top quality. Yes, mahogany costs more than oak and slate costs more than ceramic but the cost of my slate was lower than I've seen at box stores. Bijan even remembers my name after years of absence. I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Plus you get really nice slippers when you visit! I highly recommend Bijan's!


It was a very pleasant experience to buy carpet and hardwood from the owner. He was very professional and polite. We got a very good price and the installation went very well. I recommend this business to everybody.

Herold K

To this date, I have nothing negative worth mentioning, and I can honestly say that Im glad I switched from my old suppliers, because since we began using Bijan's we've been on time and on budget. Thanks for helping sell my houses. I've been building custom homes in the Calgary area for over 15 years, and have been using Bijan for over 8 years. He is a very nice guy.

Ildi R.

The service was great. The owner was knowledgeable and gave good advice on the type of hardwood I should consider for my house. The price for the hardwood I got was great. It was a good experience for me and I will definitely recommend the store to my friends.

Brigitte C.

My name is Brigitte, I have purchased my hardwood from Bijan's Western Flooring, the best price in town for a high end quality. He is a knowledgeable man and knows a lot about hardwood. He served me with care and offered me the best price. I didn't mind to take out my muddy boots since I didn't want to damage his beautiful samples with my winter boots. I respected him and he offered me the best price. I am very happy with my flooring.


I got a pretty good deal from the owner on some exotic hardwood, he said if I found it elsewhere in Canada he would give me 5 grand reward. so I looked. Couldn't find it at all. I fell in love with the floor and had to go back. That's when he gave me a better deal then the first time. Over all his installers did a great job, my stairs look incredible. Everyone who walks into my house loves the floor too. I also got some awesome tile from him.


Bijan's Western Flooring is surely the best flooring company in the city! He gave me a great deal for his wood, he was very kind and helped a lot, I would definitely recommend Bijan's Western Flooring!


Got an excellent price for my hardwood. The service was great, the sales person was very professional, and they did an excellent job. They finished it on time, and my sales person was very nice and polite. I would recommend Bijan's western flooring to everybody.