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Because Marmoleum Click is a natural product, like wood, it makes your home snug and warm. It reaches room tempera- ture quickly and is suitable to install over hydronic radiant heat systems. Marmoleum Click features a cork backing for quiet and comfort underfoot. Available in 24 beautiful colors of panels and squares, Marmo- leum Click allows you to create an environment unique to your home and lifestyle. Color-coordinating transition moldings
are available to add the finishing touch. Sizes: 12"x36" panels (approx.) or 12"x12" squares (approx.)

The main ingredient in Marmoleum is linseed oil, produced by pressing the seeds of the flax plant. The flax plant, also a source for linen, is an easy-to-cultivate plant that is in abundant supply. Pine rosins are mixed with the linseed oil to produce a flexible binder. The pine trees from which the rosins are extracted exist in abundance throughout the world. Wood flour is obtained through controlled forestry, including the planting of special forests. No tropical hardwoods are ever used. When it comes to our beautiful colors, only ecologically friendly pigments are used. The backing for Marmoleum is made from spun yarn of strong jute fiber, grown primarily in India and Bangladesh. Jute is plentiful and highly renewable.

Our laminate collection is not fully represented in our website, for more options please visit our Showroom.

  • Marmoleum Cloudy Sand
  • Marmoleum Blue
  • Marmoleum Barley
  • Marmoleum Walnut
  • Marmoleum Volcanic Ash
  • Marmoleum Shell
  • Marmoleum Rosato
  • Marmoleum Mammoth
  • Marmoleum Laguna
  • Marmoleum Henna
  • Marmoleum Green
  • Marmoleum Graphite
  • Marmoleum Golden Sunset
  • Marmoleum Dove Grey